The Moving Museum Launches TECTONIC // 24 International Artists in Dubai




Ali Banisadr, Asger Carlsen, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, Eddie Peake , Evan Penny, Haroon Mirza, Holton Rower, Ivan Argote, James Capper, Jeremy Deller, Kasper Sonne, Liz Magic Laser, Michael Rakowtiz, Mohammed Qasim Ashfaq, Parker Ito, Rashaad Newsome, Robert Lazzarini, Ryan Gander, Saad Qureshi,  Sarah Dornner, Stefan Bruggeman, Slavs and Tatars, Soheila Sokhanvari, Tom Sachs. 

A new independent not-for-profit organization launches its travelling programme of exhibitions in Dubai with a groundbreaking show of international contemporary art. The Moving Museum will present TECTONIC, featuring 24 of the world

Diane Pernet

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