Hors Pistes 2013 till 3 February at Centre Pompidou


Hors Piste collaboration Olivier Marboeuf


Dear Shaded Viewers,

Hors Piste joins contemporary artists in the fields of film and video, art, music, architecture, theorists and performers. Last night was the launch of the 8th edition. For the opening the American artist Laura Heit who is part of the artistic scene in Portland and has exhibited and performed in international festivals and museums. She was on stage dressed in a silver sequin bustier dress with her matchbox performance and since matchboxes are quite mini by nature, there was a live projection screen behind her. The theme of Hors Piste this edition is miniatures, what is more mini than a whole theatre in a match box?

In addition to the stage performance there were Hors Pistes collaborations in a van that had to be cut in half in order to get it into the museum space.

Mini at hors piste

Kentaro, last seen at ASVOFF Tokyo at IDOL

David and I at Hors Piste
David Herman and I at Hors Pistes last night