Are you a dog lover? Visit by Brian Beker


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Dear Shaded Viewers,

My dear friend Brian Beker is writing a book about Orville, the Dog in the Clouds. He also has a site, blog for the book, for exchanges on dogs and life. We've known each other since 1987, years ago, do not remember exactly when, I made this little film about Brian and his love affair with Orville, it took place in Switzerland.


If you do not see an image with the link below just move the mouse over to the DP TV on the right hand side of the home page and click "Orville".

"Think how much smarter dogs are than people, they can understand us but we cannot understand them." BB

A teaser for The Dog in The Clouds 

My only ride in a private plane was when Brian flew me to San Francisco from Los Angeles in 2006 for You Wear it Well, my first fashion film festival, co-curated with my LA contributor at the time. The flight was smooth as glass. 




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