Boudoir Bible by Betony Vernon



Boudoir Bible
Dear Shaded Viewers,

Betony has been working on this book for years I'm not sure how long ago this interview took place but it's been a while, it was for Above Magazine but I thought it would be a good moment to re-post it. I think that the end of the piece is missing, at any rate what is there will give you more insight on the sultry Betony Vernon.Ellen von unwerth ali betony

I forget where we were, maybe launch of V & R perfume, Betony is on the far left next to photographers, Ali Mahdavi, Ellen Von Unwerth and stylist/costume designer, Catherine Baba, I think, but am not sure, that that is Ellen's daughter next to her.

For a  review on the book:

Paradise found

I rang the bell. In an instant it  was answered by the sultry voice of Betony
Vernon. The door opened and the stunningly beautiful sex goddess was standing
in front of me clothed in a provocative and beautifully cut black satin dress.
Betony specializes in empowering people with the art of giving pleasure. Her
mission is to educate the world, show men and women how they can best fulfil
their greatest fantasies while heightening their sexual awareness.



DP: Do you remember your first sexual experience?


BV:  My first sexual experience was probably rubbing furniture. I
remember loving to play doctor. I was raised without religious dogma. I was
never told,

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