Anna Jonsson Connell back in Paris at les Deux Abeilles photo by Christophe Billet


Anna Jonsson Connell
Anna Jonsson Connell

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Back in the days when I was a designer living in NYC, Anna Jonsson Connell used to model for me. She also used to model for Helmut Newton quite a bit. She was pregnant with her first child at my last show in NYC. The location was an abandoned power plant and it was really freezing.  Anna  did not mention her condition until the show was over. 22 years later… she has 3 sons, the oldest, the one she was pregnant with at my last show, is now 22. Every year for the past 22 years, I receive a xmas card with the whole family. Watching the family grow up is my yearly reminder of just how much time has passed.



Diane Pernet

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