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The book launch for “An Italian Theory 10 x 10” is tomorrow, 1st December 2012,
from 6 to 9 pm, in Bari
at the concept store I Cinque Fiori the book is by Alessandro Enriquez about Epicureanism and the art of table setting (featuring interviews with renowned personas of fashion, design and art scene asOrnella VanoniMargherita Maccapani MissoniAnna Dello RussoArnaldo PomodoroEnnio CapasaAlbino,Fabio Novembre and others). 

Ale 1
The installation curated by Alessandro Enriquez
The event will include an Epicurean installation curated by the author with the traditional pralines by Antonio Maria Arbues, embodied in the precious Grottaglie Fasano vases that will be served with the Santi Dimitri wine. 
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An Italian Theory 10