Morning Meeting at La Maison/Champs Elysees with ASVOFF’s fairy godmother, Rossy de Palma




Dear Shaded Viewers,

I had breakfast with Rossy de Palma at La Maison/Champs Elysees to talk about her performance tonight with Alexander Zekke, cello player and to discuss the flower designer Jeremy Martin and what he has planned for her, I had a sneak previewl. We are both very excited and she is sooooo happy with her suite at the Martin Margiela Hotel aka La Maison/Champs Elysees, she said it is like being at home. It is great dark halls and then you open the door and it is pure white but not a cold white, a warm white and super comfortable bed, huge bath tub…Aisling will post some pics.




Diane Pernet

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