A visit with the artist ORLAN who happens to be our President for the 5th Anniversary of ASVOFF at Centre Pompidou



ORLAN carnal art
Fabulous ORLAN and the Harlequin Patchwork Self
Dear Shaded Viewers,

Iconic artist ORLAN started her highly-unconventional career at the age of 17 with a series of staged photographs using  her body as the 'medium'. She has continued to use it as a way  to express her art.Her work: painting, sculpture, poetry, theater, dance, yoga, photography, video. ORLAN's work addresses sexuality

and questions the female identity, Catholic symbolism, disfiguration and refiguration and a dialogue and exchange between them all.


ORLAN sculpture

In ORLAN'S Studio
ORLAN Painting
Uploading some video sound bytes…will post them tomorrow.



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