BARBIE Louise Gray – PUNK



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Dear Shaded Viewers,

I'm still missing my super Barbie with the camera in her torso that I left for two seconds after the Louise Gray show when I was having a chat at Sommerset House and someone walked off with it. Well, here is the new one-off Barbie by Louise Gray. 

Louise  has styled Barbie exactly the same as she styled her show, complete with the backcombed hair look Sam McKnight created, Jame's O'Reily's striking make-up for M.A.C featuring those Basquiat-inspired crown eyebrows, Tatty Devine with Louise Gray earrings, and even the tights that were shown with it… the adult clothing forms part of her main collection and goes into stores early next year, so you too can buy this 3D devor

Diane Pernet

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