Ai Weiwei, China’s #1 art star & political dissident, covers PSY’s Gangnam Style. By Glenn Belverio




Dear Shaded Viewers,

One of my pals from the Beijing art world just sent me this and it's pretty hilarious. The Asian/global video meme du moment is fans posting cover versions of "Gangnam Style", the video by wildly popular South Korean rapper PSY, on Youtube. Of course the one that is getting the most attention is the version uploaded by under-house-arrest art star Ai Weiwei. An important part of the meme is the mock horse-riding moves, re-named by Weiwei as "Grass-Mud Horse Style", which the artist performs here while being handcuffed to another dancer. I guess this is a great way to relieve all the stress caused by being a government-harassed public figure. Based on his fierce dance moves alone, Weiwei has made a convincing case for his freedom.

The NYT reported 2 days ago: The grass-mud horse is

Glenn Belverio

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