Daido Moriyama and William Klein Exhibition at the Tate Modern



Dear Shaded Viewers,

My main motivation coming to London this weekend was to attend the William Klein + Daido Moriyam exhibition at the Tate Modern and soooo happy that I did, and even happier that I ran into Daido while I was there. Remember the exhibition/book performance that he did in NYC? Miguel Villalobos had reported it for us earlier in the year, well, how it works is he made pages of prints and the people that had registered for the event could make up their own books and then he would sign them. Well, I just happened to be sitting down while Konstantinos were waiting for our table to be ready and who walks by….Daido. We'd met in Tokyo a year ago and I took a photo of him and he took one of me. How cool is that?



Daido Moriyama, he took my snapshot with that little camera, would love to see it one of these days.


WIsh that I'd had the good fortune to run into WIlliam Klein too…

Konstantinos Menelaou in front of WIlliam Klein

The Exhibition is supported by The William Klein + Daido Moriyama Exhibition Supporters Group




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