Partners in Crime at Il Crepaccio: Cattelan and Corbetta?

Caroline corbetta maurizio cattelan

I have read Artribune's post on Il Crepaccio of which I've been a constant fan. If you remember my articles about Vestrucci, Braida and Andujar's very first shows presented at Il Crepaccio, you will know that I've followed the event quite closely as exhibiting young artists' works in the shopping window of a restaurant was quite radical for a city like Milan where the art scene is quite elitist.

Artribune supposes there's Cattelan behind all this happening. So I guess the bets are open from now on which is why I'd like to write my point of view here so that when all this mystery's revealed someday, I might have the chance of making Miss Pernet's blog one of the first sources to have guessed the truth. 

Remembering how Cattelan had rented a space dedicated to his works to an ad agency or thinking about Wrong Gallery as well as the more recent exhibition space, always in NY, Family Business, I have to agree with Artribune on the possibility that there's Cattelan's genius behind this -who's also a regular of Il Carpaccio restaurant by the way. I've been to Il Crepaccio for four times out of six and everytime I arrived there, there was one lady in the middle of the crowd who would passionately talk about the artists' past works with the random crowd. Yes, I'm talking about the art writer and curator with an international career, Caroline Corbetta with her passionate way of describing what each artist had installed the window. I am not sure if she's only interested in talent recruitment