NYFF50: Views from the Avant-Garde

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Old friends are always great to meet on the screens at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, but even more rewarding is the discovery of something totally new. Something one has never seen. THE EXTRAVAGANT SHADOWS by David Gatten screened as part of the festivals VIEWS FROM THE AVANT-GARDE. And wow! It's demanding length of 175 minutes was at first daunting. And by the end I didn't want to leave the world on the screen. David Gatten relates, "Slowly fading texts, missed connections, lost manuscripts, chance occurrences, misplaced telegrams, books for sale, a letter never sent. These narratives, framents of voices, flotsam of atmospheres – relate residues of experience through the remains of lives lived inside labyrinths of language, forming the darkened shapes of the work's title, seeking the source of narration itself."

Fall does not begin until the screens of the Film Society of Lincoln Center and Richard Pena and his collaborators unleash moments like this.