Peter Pilotto, spring 2013 – text by Silvia Bombardini


Dear Shaded
Viewers and Diane,

Another unforgettable
moment from London Fashion Week, even now when we're all so gleefully and ever
so rightfully taken by Paris' roundabouts, undoubtedly was the Peter Pilotto
show at the Bedford Square Gardens. The collection followed with summery awe the dainty ruffles of Italian architecture, its malicious balconies
in saturated bloom, its railings and arcades, urban and endearing, with slits
and sentiment, frills and flares. Serpentine vines in lemon, orange or blue found
their ways between the grids, crossing the body in a silky, ruffled embrace, and
then there were floating geometries and perspectives, virtuosity and diamond
suits. Later, the lineup grew deeper and wilder, exotic shades, trimmed in wavy
black lines or red and lilac webs. Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos' recent
trip to Kolkata brought gentle beads and patience to the season, with delicate embroidery
and tiny mirrors applied with pointillist elegance in between the prints.


photos by Till Janz