The day before Valentin Jardinier Almodovar’s birthday at Headquarters

Outside potato
Valentin Jardinier Almodovar

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Did you ever have a blue potato? Well, it is deep blue on the outside, then when peeled it looks like white with blueberries then when sliced, deep blue. Menu today at headquarters was roman cauliflower and blue potatoes with figs.

Lunch with blue potatoes and roman cauliflower
Valentin Aisling
Valentin and Aisling Connell

Our friend Vincent Gagliostro dropped by to wish Valentin an early Happy Birthday before hopping on a plane to NYC for the next 3 weeks.

Valentin Vincent Aisling
Valentin, Vincent Gagliostro and Aisling Connell and the mini birthday cake

Birthday cake
Happy 21st birthday on the 21st of September



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