Pam Hogg, spring 2013 – by Silvia Bombardini

Pam Hogg spring 2013, finale from Silvia Bombardini on Vimeo.


Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

It wasn't the usual crowd that gathered
tonight at Freemasons Hall, waiting for Pam Hogg's "Save Our Souls" very
exclusive spring show. Glittering cheekbones and fluttering lashes, there were
the most marvellous creatures of the night, the cream of the extremes, rising
with UV lights just in time for the dance to begin. Nick Cave and Bobbie
Gillespie, Jaime Winstone, Kate Nash and Nick Rhodes were squeezed among the
others on the front row, while seated next to me, a man was having his leather
mask laced up by the sweet girl nearby. The show was a delicate, softcore study
on fetishes, with vanilla nurses in gauze and cotton lint, sheer twins and suggestive
zips. Then there were tight bodysuits in fluorescent hues, with high necklines
and hoods, spacesuits in golden, silver, orange and baby blue, pistachio tin foils.
And then ribbons and tulle whirls, crinolines and luminous pink paillettes. The
girls walked softly and slowly, dreamingly, like air dolls would do, perhaps, when nobody is looking.