Going Cuckoo over Cupcakes at the Kooky Edinburgh Fringe

Summer range

Thanks to the utter madness that descends on Scotland's capital each August, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival leaves an eccentric hangover in what's otherwise a city that sees itself as a bastion of pleasant vistas, cordial manners and good old-fashioned taste.  Which is precisely why young rabble-rousers like  Vidya Sarjoo and Graham Savage have set up shop here.  Their cozy tea room, called Cuckoo's Bakery, certainly oozes with nostalgia and Edinburgh's traditional charm.  But make no mistake — the pair's most popular product – cheeky cupcakes – are often laced with a naughty streak.


Down in the pantry, past the usual culinary paraphernalia and sugarcraft trimmings, is a corner that looks more like a cocktail bar than a baker's den.  Tequila, whiskey, spirits, liqueurs — you name it — if it's boozy, there's probably a bottle of it tucked away here somewhere.  For this is one tea room that's not exactly teetotal.  Each Friday, locals pile in for one of Cuckoo's cocktail cupcakes — Margarita, Mojito and Champagne & Raspberry are just a few of the eye-catching and luscious cupcakes that have been concocted by these two merry mixologists.  But fear not if you are in detox or rehab, decadence still abounds through their everyday (non-alcoholic) assortment of mouthwatering classic flavours, seasonal creations and conversation-starters like 'Death by Chocolate' or 'The Elvis' which is a banana and chocolate chip sponge with a peanut butter frosting.  And despite all the hedonistic recipes and revelery, service at Cuckoo's is both cheerful and punctual.  Perhaps it has something to do with that giant cuckoo clock that keeps chirping on the hour.


This month's exotic summer holiday range (pictured in the very first image of 6 cupcakes) includes:

Lychee and Lime