L’Etoffe des reves de Lee Young-hee (Seoul-Paris) December 4 – March 9 at the Guimet Museum

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Yesterday I made a post on this exhibition and today I went to meet the daughter of the most famous Korean designer, Lee Young-hee. Lee Jungwoo donated more than 1300 pieces to the Guimet Museum. Lee Jungwoo gave a very passionate talk about her mother who died suddenly last year. As an homage to her, her daughter, Lee Jungwoo, has donated 1300 pieces to the Guimet Museum in an exhibition that opens December 4th and continues to March 9th. The exhibition expresses Lee Young-hee’s love for textiles and natural dies and her utmost respect for traditional Korean dress in the way she brought another vision of it in the 21st century. She liked to work with textiles light as angel wings. She explored traditional materials like ramie, silk and ribbons. In addition to the ready-to-wear collection and accessories and fabrics, there are 75 pieces from the Haute Couture in the exhibition.





Diane Pernet

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