Henrik Vibskov | SS13 | The Transparent Tongue

Hello Diane and Shaded Viewers //

Kristopher Arden-Houser here in Denmark for Copenhagen Fashion Week, where I will make daily posts and share a few closing videos of my favorite shows.

One knows when they attend a Henrik Vibskov show that they will participate in something half fashion and half installation art. For this season, Henrik installed a ‘Transparent Tongue’ down the center of his U -shaped runway. Literally, as the tongue deployed and filled with air men slowly crawled out of random waist-height holes and danced for the crowd. 


Speaking of crowds, this one literally wrapped around the block with thousands of people vying to get in, Vibskov clearly being a hometown hero. Its even rumored that a pack of cigarettes can leverage you a potential standing ticket (a tradition since he began to show in Copenhagen in 2004). 

Henrik re-showed his mens collection from Paris, in conjunction with the debuted of his womenswear range. The designer showed a heavy dose of negative space polka-dot’s (meaning there were circle cut-out’s) inspired by taste-buds on the tongue, these holes either highlighted the skin or revealed a layer beneath. This paired with his ongoing commitment to this Scandinavia nomad, the designer showcased his affinity for earth colors mixed with primary ones, graphic knits and prints made from blown-up weave’s.

The models were accessorized with tall bowler or knitted hats and / or bits-and-bops in their hair, constructed by elastic, rope and short sticks. A Henrik show is never short on props, showing a series of taste-bud-like-rakes complete with wheel, proving that even in a commercial landscape one can never let go of fantasy! This is why I am a long-standing fan and follower of Mr. Vibskov and his studio’s world.

Note the finale below: