Open call for ASVOFF 5….deadline for films September 15th…

ASVOFF5 Jules poster
Dear Shaded Viewers,

This is how you submit a film:


Please go to click on submissions, download the pdf, fill it in, put a link to your film on vimeo, can be password protected, then save the file with your name and the name of the film. Then send it to 


If you want to be in the ASVOFF competition the film cannot be longer than 5 minutes,if not it could be in the out of competiton.


The deadline is September 15th. Follow the instructions on the pdf. Films in the final selection will be notified in October.


You can upload material to then send it to or you can put it on a USB key, which will not be returned to you, if you choose to do it that way then inform submissions and they will send you a mailing address.




Diane Pernet

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