Marco de Rivera on Holy Motor

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I just came back from seeing Holy Motor by Leos Carax it is visually astonishing, not the easiest film to follow and not sure why Kylie Minogue got such a big billing for such a brief appearance nor why she threw herself off the roof but, I recommend seeing the film. Here is Marco's take on it: 

"Carax revisits the history of cinema and plays with matches. (…) [The film], fortunately, is not an homage to cinema. It celebrates, too, life and its illusions, life as a dizzying succession of roles, a vortex more or less absurd characters." The photo above was taken in the cinema, we were about an hour too early.




  Marco de rivera and Dp les deux abeilles

Marco de Rivera at les Deux Abeilles

Diane Pernet

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