Ashley Bickerton “The Women ” opening at Cardi Black Bpx , text and photos Stefania Seoni


Dear Diane, dear shaded viewers

Ashley Bickerton is an artist  based in Bali since the early 1990s, after that he moved from New York and left his association with Jeff Koons and  Peter Halley . The series  "The Women" is a group show made with mixed media assemblages, painting and photography. The artist ,started constructing his own photographic subject, driving the wedge deeper between the painting and photography. Grotesque, cynical and ruthless, he rants against the commercialism in art world .The influence of Bali's  primitive culture here is not a romantic vision filtred by  western and eastern cultures.


the exhibition will runs from the 27-7 at Cardi Black Box ,Corso Di Porta Nuova 38 Milan,don't miss it if you are in Milan