Vicenzaoro Gala in Venice

Cristiano Seganfreddo

Dear Shaded Viewers,

After getting up at 4 am I was not so sure I could make it to the Vicenzaoro Gala in Venice but Cristiano convinced me when he said he'd only slept a few hours last night himself and it was the same for Federico. Anyway who doesn't love Venice and it was the Vicenzaoro dinner at the Gran Teatro La Fenice and it is not everyday one has that opportunity so….off we went. Cristiano behind the wheel.

As you know you don't exactly drive to Venice, you drive and then you take the boat.

Gianmaria Buccellati and his wife


First stop before dinner was to visit the Maria Luisa Frisa exhibition on Diana Vreeland. I know I told you about this before when I came for the opening, but a few more images for those of you that missed it.

Even though there were more exhibitions by Diana Vreeland, these two dresses were from the last exhibition that she actually did, I think it was 1983 but don't hold me to that date. She showed the dresses flat as if they were actual works of art.

Cecila Matteucci Lavarini, Haute Couture and Oriental Costume Collector lent many of the pieces shown above to Marie Luisa Frisa for the exhibition at the Fortuny Palace. She is an amazing woman. I wish I had a full length shot of her.

At the entrance to the Gran Teatro La Fenice 

The President, Roberto Ditri gave a charming welcoming speech to the 200 invited guests.

Federico Poletti

It was almost 2am by the time I got back to the Hotel Villa Michelangelo and then just when I was starting to fall asleep…4 am, the earthquake shook the bed. It was a very intense vibration, followed by another one and another until around 5 am. Then up, or rather still up, at 7h.It was a magical evening none the less.



Diane Pernet

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