What’s Contemporary – Elle Muliarchyk


Is Fashion art? The ever present question is one that seems easily answered when taking a look behind the curtain of Elle Muliarchyk's process in creating a picture. Over the past several years, we've seen a growing number of fine art photographers making the crossover into the realms of fashion, and, along with it, a number of new ways to make those images happen. Giving the outside audience an inside look is nothing new to this particular artist. Elle's original introduction to photography, following her time as a model, was a series of dressing room self-portraits that were the beginning of what is now an ongoing relationship between herself and the voyeuristic audience she's managed to draw in. Immediately imagining these mock up creations juxtaposed against their finished products in some fantastic gallery space, we've fallen into the fun house show of this issue that explores the journey of the image through to its final destination of completion.