You Wear it Well goes to Antwerp at the MODENATIE

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Dino’s and my You Wear it Well festival is now installed at the MoMu museum and it will remain there until the 30th of September. David Flamee designed the installation. He’s standing next to me. Actually I was having some difficulty trying to get all of the 15 screens in the same shot….
Below -Maarten Statius Muller watching SHOWstudio’s Diversity is a Form of Wealth -film by Nigel Buck part of ‘Editing Fashion’- footage captured by Nick Knight 2005 Courtesty of SHOWstudio and Lutz in the videos Disciplefilms and I made for Gwand and earlier in the day, Linda Loppa enjoying the same two videos.
Pictured above -Marcelo Krasilcic’s VPL video and Enrique Gonzalez Rangel’s Clinica and She/Male
Below -Starring by Jeremy Scott and OOF by Patrik Soderstam
Fashionation by Ruben Toledo, Thunder Perfect Mind” by Jordan Scott and Enrique Gonzalez Rangel’s She/Male



a few friends that I ran into on my stay in Antwerp:

Above-Always great to see Robbie’s beautiful face, you might know him without hair from the cover of Raf Simons’ 4th sex
Sharifa Jamaldin and Henri Kus. They are PrettyPretty
Designer Romy Smits and Ronald ‘the Tulip Master’ van der Hilst and Marcel A M Vissers on the bikes
Walter Van Beirendonck’s vitrine

Aaron and Lucas Mathger in front of their film

P.S.S. A big thank you, as always, to Pierrre Marie Agin for creating the You Wear it Well logo. YWITW loves Pierre Marie.

Diane Pernet

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