VK Lillie, fall 2012 – by Silvia Bombardini


Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

Vanessa and Kira Lillie's collection of delightful Medicine bags comes for winter in a preciously limited capsule edition, blessed with detailed coloring and caressed by gloved fingertips. Inspired by ice and its opalescent, luminous charm, the pieces had really been frozen for their Parisian presentation, hanging above shattered mirrors in glowing, slippery clusters of crystal stalactites. And while it might be uncomfortable to actually wear real ice around our necks, VK Lillie made sure that its unique healing qualities would never leave us, thanks to the carefully selected semi-precious stones that rim the profile of each Medicine bag in blending hues. Praising transparency of emotion, self-discovery and inner vision, the crystalline stones waver above our hearts like delicate magnifying glasses. While moonstones encourage an inward journey, smoky moonstones promise protection all the way through it, hematite brings balance, white jade purity and blue lace agate clarity of thought; aquamarine embodies the cooling, refreshing, soothing and cleansing energy of water.