KTZ, fall 2012 – text by Silvia Bombardini


"Do you really want to hurt me?"


 Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

It was so lovely visiting the Kokon to Zai showroom today. Sasko Bezovski might be one of the kindest people I ever had the pleasure to hug, in his elongated bomber jacket adorned with religious symbols, mystical, and yet once their meaning is revealed, tenderly propitious. The KTZ team managed to put together a collection filled with magical, invincible love, spiritual and brave, embraced by layers of British tartan and sensibly chequered prints. Drawing their inspiration from Boy George and The Blitz Kids' looks, along with Russian priests and the Sacred Heart church, their pieces feature softly stuffed embroidered details, baroque hints, oversized golden pendants and New Romantic proportions. For a breathtaking, glistening finale then, the whole mystery and love of cosmos would settle peacefully on the wearer's shoulders like Tinkerbell's stardust, a promise of sparkles and exciting adventures to come, possibly around Christmas time.


You can visit KTZ Paris showroom up until March 8, amongst other gems at the London Showrooms: 3 cour B