THVM & Warpaint Make The Kids Go Crazy in Hollywood! –Jessica Trent


All photos by Melissa Manning/ The Look Partnership


Dear Diane, Dear Shaded Viewers,

Before I traveled to NY for Fashion Week madness, I experienced another level of it at Space 1520 where THVM hosted a performance by the all-female band Warpaint to celebrate THVM's traveling Artists Collection Series with the Turkish company Orta Blu, the sustainability division of ORTA Anadolu, one of the world's largest denim manufacturers.


Jena Malone and Galen Pehrson

Artists from various fields of discipline worked with THVM to develop washes that were outside the denim industry standards and treatments. 

Each artist produced a special hand made wash in THVM's Los Angeles atelier from natural ingredients and materials on Orta's  impeccable fabrics. The artists then collaborated with Jean Genie Studios, Inc. to recreate the works of art into wearable pieces. 

Artist BOZLY

Arist Bozly's THVM/Orta Blu creation.


Denim became the artists' canvas for several of THVM's favorite collaborators: Ishi Glinsky, Bozly,  Sam Spencer , Krissy Morrison , Chris Yniguez , and Alice Wilsey.


Ishy Glinksy's work.


Having first debuted the series in Italy, the short stop in Hollywood became next level with the limited capacity venue. Just one hour into the event, it was at maximum capacity. The security guards did not care who was who, as the police and fire marshall made it clear there would be no exceptions. Hundreds of people were turned away. Police copters circled above shining their massive spotlight upon the crowd of 300 who enjoyed Widmer Brothers beer on the unseasonably warm evening, as Warpaint performed a tight set for over 30 minutes. 

420141_280095422054922_221671564563975_770343_1025551863_nOne of the longest lasting couplings–music and denim.


Bozly, Clayton Webster, Ishi Glinsky, and Flavie Webster

431010_280106292053835_221671564563975_770444_1394476523_nJeffertitti Moon and Cole Waterhouse
Warpaint having some fun before show time.

Dani Drasin and BJ Panda Bear



Me, Odilon designer Stacey Clark, and Kerry Krogstad.


397361_280104565387341_221671564563975_770413_227915425_nJuan Palacio, Megan Bold, and Rothchild

THVM's Olga Nazarova with Marco Innocenti


The denim art crated up and ready for its next stop, San Francisco! Details to follow soon on THVM's on their Facebook page or at

A quick and wonderful video by Nic Trikonis of some of the artists at work:  


Jessica Trent