BULLETT Magazine launch of The Secret Issue and 1-year anniversary party by Ryan Urcia

Bullett magazine
Dear Shaded Viewers,

On Dec. 8, 2011, BULLETT magazine celebrated the release of "The Secret Issue" and one-year anniversary at a Gothic Revival synagogue, where guests were ushered through a dark labyrinth to enter an enchanted forest themed party. The event was hosted by the star of HBO's Dexter, Michael C. Hall, who plays a serial killer with a conscious. Guests were invited to get their fortune read by a fortune teller  and to confess their secrets in paper and hung on tree branches while sipping cocktails provided by Ketel One, Bulleit Rye Whiskey, Staropramen and smartwater. There were DJ sets and performances by Class Actress, Ghe20 Goth1k and Crystal Castles.    

Bullett Party 2 Jessica Love, Anna Evans and Kayvon Zand
Jessica Love, Anna Evans and Kayvon Zand working a contemporary John Sex look
Ghe20 G0th1k
Ghe20 Goth1k 

Idil Tabanca and Michael C.Hall
Idil Tabanca and HBO's Dexter, Michael C. Hall

Jacob DeKat, Sah D'Simone, Prince Chenoa
Jacob DeKat, Sah D'Simone, Prince Chenoa

Alice Glass, Crystal Castles
Alice Glass, Crystal Castles




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