Introducing Anna Calvi…

Dear ASVOF Readers,

For the past year, I've had a major music crush on a new force on the scene. Her name is Anna Calvi. Although tiny in frame, her vocals are  powerful, haunting, and seductive, displaying immense passion on the guitar, and style adorned with dark flamenco, gypsy flare. While watching her live, it's hard not to be swept away. She references Edith Piaf, Nina Simone, Maria Callas, Nick Cave, David Bowie, Captain Beefheart, Scott Walker, Jimi Hendrix, Ravel, and Debussy as some of her musical influences as well as Gus Van Sant, David Lynch, and Wong Kar-Wai's films as influencing her music as well. Calvi has also collaborated with geniuses such as Brian Eno and Rob Ellis (who produced her latest album). Not to mention, her debut album, was nominated for the coveted Mercury Music Prize in the past year.

The fashion scene has also taken to her as Calvi was invited to play at the Gucci dinner, hosted by Vogue during 2011 Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Shortly after that evening, Frida Giannini, creative director at Gucci chose outfits for Calvi to wear during her May 2011 US tour. Karl Lagerfeld has said he is a fan of her music, and has photographed Calvi for the Maison Michel Fall Winter 2011 lookbook.

Need I say more?

For those of you who aren't familiar with her name and sound, below is Part 1& 2 of Autumn tour video "Somewhere Along The Line" :



Calvi is playing this evening in San Francisco at The Great American Music Hall and touring throughout Canada and NYC in the next week. Catch this incredible beauty if you can.