Ride the Wild Wind…in Los Angeles. Jessica Trent reports.


Dear Diane, Dear Shaded Viewers,

A little heads up case you are trying to get in touch with folks in Los Angeles, 300,000 are without power (no internet and melting ice cream seems to be a big issue for my friends) from a freakishly (awesome) wind storm last night that had gusts up to 80 MPH! We are expecting more high winds today. My yard at the base of the Hollywood Hills was very much alive with rose bushes and 5 story high palm trees dancing wildly til dawn. Streets and sidewalks are covered in 10 ft long palm fronds, leaves, and many uprooted trees. Some people awoke to smashed car windshields covered in tree branches. Many street lights are down and trees are still lying in roadways, so you know what that means for this city–even worse than usual traffic.

Our friends at THVM Atelier in the downtown Arts District are still without power at the moment as are other friends throughout Los Feliz and Silverlake. Paramount studios shut down today. I noticed an unusual number of actors having breakfast at the 101 Coffee Shop this morning (and enjoying the mix of Elvis and Charlie Brown Christmas music with a dash of Ozzy and Hall & Oates). It seems that Mother Nature decided Los Angeles needed a bit of a pause. The city is very quiet, I quite like it.


Jessica Trent