Dear Shaded Viewers,

Last night i was in a small fortunate group at the VICE office in Shoreditch and
we were treated to a sneak preview of the next two episodes of the new VICE.COM
series “FASHION WEEK INTERNATIONALE“. I was instantly hooked and so extremely
amused and excited and wanted to see more and more. My new favorite show!

” The series is devoted to the world of fashion that exists outside the superlative
catwalks of New York, London, Paris, and Milan. Each episode of Fashion Week
follows fashion shows that evade the mainstream fashion radar,
revealing a whole new world of fashion, and capturing a truly unique take on
the bitchiest industry around.

Fashion Week Internationale documents the fashion weeks that take place in cities
and countries that normally make international news with their political and economic
woes, to the most crackpot fashion week themes and the stimulating characters
behind them”.

Below is the trailer. For more info and to view the first episode click here