Rossy de Palma and her friend outside of Silencio in Paris

Rossy and friend2
Rossy de Palma and her friend of 27 years, I'm terrible with names but this woman was amazing. She was the first model for Paco Rabanne and Rossy is here to model for Manish, funny her friend also used to model for Chanel, who had her cut her very long hair, down to her waist, and then decided she nolonger wanted her. She had many great stories and now is in charge of a film festival.  

Rossy friend dp
Rossy is going to perform at Silencio for the ASVOFF 4 party and we wanted to show her the wonderful stage, it is quite a mini stage and I've been anxious to see how she will fit once she puts on her heels. Just. She said she could cut off her legs and carry them over her arm….



Diane Pernet

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