A visit to the Model Sanctuary and a chat with Erin O’Connor

Erin O'COnnor at the Model Sanctuary 

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I started my day with a lovely visit to the Model Sanctuary. Erin has been a model for the past 15 years and she has created a space for young models starting out in their careers where they can come and unwind, discover their creative talents, learn about healthy eating, have a place where they can shake the fashion week stress with a class in yoga, see an Osteopath if need be and basically recharge. They are provided with a healthy home cooked meal, there is even a snug room where they can take a nap between shows.

The snug room

Models work with design students. They have make-up artists, photographers and are encouraged to find their creative form of expression. They are given tasks and basically learn how things work in the real world. The atmosphere is one of love and warmth and is very impressive when you think that Erin has taken on this task pretty much on her own. Rankin has supported her efforts with photographs and graphics. Everyone is working together, many hours to create the sanctuary and a perfect, healthy environment where models can learn how to take the best care of them selves both physically and mentally.  I walked away feeling uplifted by the beautiful energy that permeates the entire 5 floor building. 

A chat with Michael Williamson

Later this week I'll post a little flip interview with Erin O'Connor.




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