Performances at ASVOFF 4_Opening Ceremony: Rosey Chan at the piano with Zack Winokur dance performance, ASVOFF party at SILENCIO with Rossy de Palma live act, Pam Hogg as DJ , Konstantinos Menelaou & yours truly DJ set and closing act on Oct 9th ….


Dear Shaded Viewers,

We just confirmed our closing night performance, first I'll tell you about the opening and then work downwards, the opening act Oct 7th at Centre Pompidou for ASVOFF will be Rosey Chan at the piano with a dance performance by Zack Winokur. That is invitation only but if you happen to be at Centre Pompidou on the night of October 7th you just might be able to watch it from above.

Rosey Chan and Zack Winokur

Dancing on Glass directed by Mike Figgis and performed by Rosey Chan at the piano with a dance performance by Zack Winokur

On October 8th we will have a party at SILENCIO it will start with a short piano concert by Rosey Chan, if we are lucky, a surprise guest will jam with her followed by a live act by Rossy de Palma, and a DJ set by Pam Hogg. Konstantinos and I will also DJ . Actually I'm not sure yet of the order aside from knowing that Rosey Chan will open the evening. What an amazing way to celebrate my birthday.

NetASVOFF at Cannes 11_Rossy de Palma and Pam Hogg my DJ's for the night photo Konstantinos Menelaou

Rossy de Palma and Pam Hogg in Cannes, together again at SILENCIO October 8th

For the closing act, on Sunday, October 9th, SULLOM VOE composed of 3 musicians: Carson McColl, Mo Al-Daami and Sebastian Schlecht will perform. Their debut album is due to be released in October EP Zion. It is gaunt, brutal, swaggering and seductive. They hail from East London Carson McColl does the Vocals, Mohanned Al-Daami on guitar and Sebastian Schlecht on violin. More on them later but you can listen to it here.

SULLOM VOE consists of Carson McColl, Mo Al-Daami and Sebastian Schlecht on guitar and violin 



SULLOM performing at SOME/THINGS Paris.




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