Room with a View at Grand Hyatt Santiago here as a guest of PAULA and Ropero Paula Project

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Not much to report yet besides enjoying my room, my view and a great breakfast. I am here as a guest of Ropero Paula project and Paula Magazine. The flight on Air France would have been perfect if the man sitting next to me had not been snoring like a beast for the entire 12 hours to Sao Paulo. I have to admit I am not much for forced intimacy. It would have been a tiny bit better if he had turned himself towards the window. Other than that all went well in Sao Paulo and the connection to Santiago, Chile. I've yet to leave the Grand Hyatt but will soon and tell you more.

I'm looking forward to visiting the Museo de la Moda and was delighted to hear that my friends Jeffrey Hinton and Lydia Kamitsis worked on the Bodymap + the 80's part 2 exhibition that is there now. The world grows smaller by the minute.


I'm meeting PAULA's Barbara Riedemann, one of their journalists in an hour and will report back later.

More later,


Diane Pernet

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