Kei Kagami A/W 2011/12

Kei kagami 1
Dear Shaded Viewers,

Kei Kagami designs shoes and ready-to-wear. Tailoring is his speciality. "Decontraction of masculinity and femininity by tailoring" said Kei when speaking of his A/W collection.

Kei jkt skirt
Blk dress jkt 2
Kei Kagami was a classmate of Lee McQueen and passed some time working with him after school.

Kei boot
Kei likes to bring a masculine edge to his shoes. The heels are metal and the boot parts are detachable from the shoes. The metal heels are not fixed on the hell of the shoe therefore, he claims that they are surprisingly comfortable to walk in. The look is quite intriguing. I know from the shoes of his that I own, they are very comfortable.


Grey boot
Blk shoe
Blk short boot


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