Una Nuova Moda italiana a book by Maria Luisa Frisa presentation, text and photos by Stefania Seoni

Dear Diane, dear shaded viewers, it was really a pleasure to attend the book presentation, with Maria Luisa Frisa Stefano Tonchi Angelo Flaccavento, Paola Nicolin and Silvia Robertazzi. The hall was packed, despite the fact that it was fashion week, people made the time to think about crucial elements regarding the  new fashion scene in Italy.  The primary objective  of the book is to identify the current generation of italian fashion designers:an heterogeneous group,charaterized by a different and a new way of working. The book contains 814 images and outlines a constellation of designers that the book focuses on like a constellation. Maria Luisa put her  attention on a group of authors who distinguish themselves with their poetry , and strategically as well as stylistically  define the current system. Maria Luisa said that the book is not  about the history of fashion but about contemporary italian fashion now, The book is a sort of  manifesto and a vision of what is going on as an Italian identity in fashion today . The book considers the input of art, literature and cultural movement and how if effects fashion. 

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Contributions by journalist, Angelo Flaccavento with his stylistic and creative way of writing combined with Maria Luisa's critical approach make this book one of the most interesting  publications about the complex world of fashion in Italy and the rest of the planet . The book is edited by  Marsilio and is also available in English.