A talk with Angelos Frentzos , text by Stefania Seoni photos and styling by Riccardo Slavik

Who is Angelos Frentzos? How would you describe yourself?

I am a fashion designer who is working on his collections costantly. I am  Greek and happily dark. I produce four collections of handmade garments every year and they draw upon my Greek culture without being really ethnic.  The Frentzos designs have always been more contemporary then folk , the collection is about the times that we are living , it is about modern attitudes and statements. That's why music, art perfomance, images and objects have an important role in creating the brand.  By merging all the elements I can sum up  the kind of world that I wish to project for men, for boys, girls and woman, it is a mix of the past and the present, youth culture reinterpreted , the result is a young couture statement that respects tradition and its roots.


What is your fashion obsession?

I guess everything that has to do with the shades of dark colours and original work wear or technical clothing that I can transform into objects of desire for both sexes. Lately one of my big obsessions is the raw side of tribal art used as a decorative element but with great respect for the original materials.


The collection reminds me to something tribal and gothic, a mood that comes together with a nomadic contemporary style , I am curious to know what motivates your work. How are you influenced by different objects.

My collections are always about my playground in Athens.In the 90s everything was quite goth and dark, all dressed in furry clothes and black leather shifts, listening to Sisters of Mercy, changing the volumes and playIng with sizing, these memories became contemporary. The plus that we have in Athens is the climate so everything under the sun becomes more happy and cheerful. Frentzos' man is always a dark boy, who plays with clothing without being usual or over stylish.



What does bauty mean to you?

Beauty means purity, a woman or a man can be beautiful if they  respect the time , season and location, a good education is important, an interest in  art and music beyond the various movements of every fashion period , is a plus. Beauty is an original aspect ,  it  comes from inside, and real fashion serves and explores this personal charisma.

 All photos and styling by Riccardo Slavik for Flmboyant , model Aris Paschadilis,Grooming Giordano Gallana

What is your realtion to Milan? Is it a place where you like to visit or simply go there to take a break?

I produce 50% of my collection in Milan, that is where my press agent is and my commercial studio and where all the promotion of my brand takes place. I like the Milan fashion crowd and the alternative inspirations I get through the  music and contemporary art. In fact I like Milan so much that by the end of the year I will base my headquarters there.

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My perfect look from the  Angelos Frentzos lookbook