Linea di Confine exhibition at Camera 16 Milano text by Stefania Seoni, all photos courtesy of Camera 16

Dear Diane , dear shaded viewers yesterday I went to see the Linee di confine at Camera 16 exhibition curated by Carlo Madesani. Three  important italian photographer's work is showcased.  Lisetta Carmi was born in Genoa in 1924 , from a jewish family, after having lived through  the drama of the racial discrimination, she decided to stay by the side of victims. During the sixties she followed the life of trans in the Ghetto of Genoa, shooting them in the every day life.

01_LisettaCarmi_I Travestiti
Lisetta Carmi,  I travestiti

02_LisettaCarmi_Ezra Pound

Her portrait of Ezra Pound

03_LisettaCarmi_Cimitero di Staglieno
The cemetery of Staglieno

Luciano D'Alessandro started photographing when was very young, he collaborated with important international magazines . One of his most important and touching works is the reportage at the mental hospital of Nocera during 1966.

04_LucianoD'alessandro_Gli Esclusi
Luciano D'Alessandro , Gli Esclusi

05_LucianoD'alessandro_Gli Esclusi

Mario Dandero realized many reportages travelling around the world, during his life he photographed great artists, great events but also the simple aspects of ordinary life , his images are a document to the  truth.

08_Mario Dondero_Fancis Bacon
Mario Dondero'a photo of Francis Bacon

09_Mario Dondero_Bahaia
Mario Dondero, Bahaia