Robert Knoke: Drawings of AA Bronson & Casey Spooner at CULTUREEDIT GALLERY, Los Angeles September 2- November 2nd

CULTUREEDIT’s newest art exhibition Robert KnokeDrawings of AA Bronson & Casey Spooner. The exhibition will showcase German artist Robert Knoke’s large scale drawing of queer icon AA Bronson as well as a series of 31 erotic drawings of artist and musician Casey Spooner made on “Spooner 2020” stationary. 

The exhibition opens on Thursday, September 2nd and is on view through November 2nd, 2021 at CULTUREEDIT Gallery in Hollywood and online at

Robert KnokeDrawings of AA Bronson & Casey Spooner showcases Knoke’s intimate study of his subjects that allows him to capture what the eye cannot see. It is a beautiful combination of realism and abstraction that challenges the genre of 21st century portraiture and its role in an era dominated by photography. AA (Portrait of AA Bronson) is a large-scale drawing of AA Bronson, and “Fantasies of a Homosexual President; Pointing a Finger at the Double Standards of the Patriarchy” –SPOONER2020 is an erotic commentary on the intersection of American politics and celebrity culture.

Knoke met the queer icon AA Bronson in the New York City art scene in the early 2000’s and Knoke describes him as a “Legend of Art and Culture”.

In paralell with the drawing of AA is “Fantasies of a homosexual President; pointing a finger at the double standards of the patriarchy- SPOONER2020 features a collection of 31 line drawings of the artist/musician Casey Spooner on stationary paper. The series is part of Spooner’s multifaceted project “SPOONER2020. That involves music, fashion, video, and a Presidential  Campaign. Knoke’s drawings are referenced from private photos that Spooner took for him while he was living at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles throughout 2020. The drawings challenge our perception of who can be President and what a world leader could look like in a political landscape overlapped with celebrity culture.

“I’m not interested in the pure representation of the subject. So, that’s why I used to say in the past very often. That I don’t understand myself as a portrait artist. I can not even say that my subject is portraiture. I would just find it boring to draw animals or some stuff. Like furnitures or plants. I like to meet people all the time. After I take photos of them, the subject becomes an abstract form that I work on. It is not about their personalities or moods or something psychological. That is for other people to interpret.” Robert Knoke

CULTUREEDIT GALLERY 1105 N El Centro Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038

Exhibition Curator – Harrison Kallner



Diane Pernet

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