Patrice Chereau les visages et les corps and Nan Goldin Scopophilia at the Louvre


Patrice Chereau is the guest of honor for 2010. His program is called "Faces and Bodies" and is comprised of exhibitions, theatre, dance, readings, music and film and is designed to be like a single work that could be described as "Patrice Chereau at the Louvre."

Nan guy

Nan Goldin

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Today was the opening of the Patrice Chereau les visages et les corps exhibition and Scopophilia, a slideshow by Nan Goldin. Scopophilia means the love of looking, the pleasure of looking also refers to sexual pleasure. Continuing their placement of contemporary art with classics, this is the Louvre's latest. artist collaboration.Scopophilia is pure poetry, it is Nan Goldin's  personal diary compiled  over the past few years. Her images catch the energy that is life: love, death, illness, celebration, fragility, hope and despair. She pairs her images of faces and bodies with photographs she has taken of artworks in the museum.  I love the image of Nan Goldin's mother. Patrice Chereau invited Nan Goldin to join his exploration of the "faces and bodies" of the Louvre. The show is up until January 2011. Recommended.

Nans mom

Nan Goldin's mother


photos by Vincent Gagliostro



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