Dear Diane , Dear shaded viewers, this
is the kind of film I like to watch in the summer.

DIrected by Marco
Ferreri, Liza (Catherine Deneuve) is in a boat with friends , she is bored and doesn't know what she wants. She dives in the water and
lands on an island where she finds  Giorgio (Marcello
Mastroianni) an intellectual and an artist who decided to live in
solitude with his dog Melampo.Giorgio takes care of Liza who  is
confused and injured his  foot . They have a passionate encounter. Liza leaves because she knows that Girogio is  a loner and on top of that she  is jelaous of his dog Melampo..She wants to take the place of the dog in GIrogio's heart so she kills it. Liza then becomes the dog of Giorgio…

La cagna

I really love this movie and the
handmade sunglasses! Enjoy summertime