Visiting Treviso and the Universita Iuav di Venezia

Graduates from IUAV at new comers
Lorenzo Busato and Mariaclara Zanin, recent graduates of IUAV and Luca Fraccarollo with Agnes Vastag's "Virgine" graduation project at Spazio Paraggi

Dear Shaded Viewers,

There is a project called NEWCOMERS which consists of 14 installations from recently graduated students from the Universita IUAV di Venezia. Lorenzo Busato and Mariaclara were assigned to take care of me while I was in Treviso and Venice. Our first stop was at the Centro Biblioteche LOVAT. . 


Spazio Paraggi Contemporary art gallery

The work of Mariaclara Zanin at Al Duca D'aosta

Lorenzo Busato and his window at Replay

Then we passed by the design shop run by a few recent graduates from IUAV, everything in the window transforms into something else.

Irene Corazza's work "Vita Mutatur, non tollitur" (life is changed not taken away)

Attending the Ralph Lauren party at Lazzari, owner Italo Lazzari
Then we visited one more installation about the child within

Director Maria Luisa Frisa and Cesare Fabbri  

Then the saga began because my hotel in Treviso did not have an internet connection so with the help of Alessandro Possati, Maria Luisa Frisa got me a room for the night at the Bauer Hotel in Venice and after the lovely dinner my two angels, Lorenzo and Mariaclara came to drive me to Venice and then we had to wait for the water bus to take us across the canal, it was around 1 am and of course Lorenzo and Mariaclara still had to get back to Treviso that the night….


More later,


Diane Pernet

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