Interviews with Brussels Fashion Favourites _ Modo Brussels

Clayton Burkhart, George Walker and Didier Vervaeren 

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I am back in Brussels, this time with Director Clayton Burkhart, George Walker and Didier Vervaeren working on 7 fashion videos for Modo Brussels. Today we saw 5 of the 7 designers.

Sandrina Fasoli and Michael Marson

Sandrina and Michael were one of the brands that we met today, they won the 300,000.00 EUROS Mango prize a few years ago when Valentino was the president of the jury. She was the winner of the jury prize a few years ago at the festival d'Hyeres.


Didier Vervaeren  and Isabelle Lenfant

The other designers that we interviewed today included Annemie Verbeke, Carine Gilson and Jessie Lecomte. More on Monday

  George Walker and I.



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