Dinner with Carson Chan and Alexander Menke at Mama Shelter

Carson and beau
Carson Chan and ALexander Menke at Mama Shelter 109 rue Bagnolet 75020

Dear Shaded Viewers,

My friend Carson Chan is staying at Mama Shelter and invited me to have dinner with him and Alexander Menke. I'd been at IFM all afternoon looking at students work and decided that if we were ever going to see each other this trip, he lives in Berlin, then  it had to be now. You know how it is if you are out then go back home there is always a good chance that you might decide to just stay in  especially when the 20eme is the opposite end of town. The plan was dinner at 18h30…Be warned, not that you plan to eat dinner at 18h30..orders taken from 19h on, you can not even look at the dinner menu before that clock strikes 19h.

Carson ordered a desert for 3…

Carson chen
 I went for the pineapple.



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