Few & Far EP by Woman E


The band is made up of the London born singer, Ria Berlin and  Berlin born Uwe Doll aka Oovermatic.  as writer/producer.

Words like 'decedence and decay' or 'melancholy disco'  are how they describe their music. THree years ago they decided to put something back into pop music that they felt was MIA, subversive pop. I met Uwe Doll through my friend, art director/curator, Wilhelm FInger when I was looking for a musician to create the soundtrack for my first chapter of the Mr. Pearl films. Oovermatic had cut his teeth as the musical director for Comme des Garcons, that is where he learned that friction is the strongest creative tool. 

Ria has a strong admiration for female singers like Kate Bush or Bjork and  OoverMatic with Kraftwerk and disco in his blood along with a Leonard Cohen obsession merge the disciplines of electronica, high energy and nihlistic ballads. 



Diane Pernet

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