A new line of fragrances at VISVIM -Hiroki Nakamura with Blaise Mautin

Hiroki Nakamura with Blaise Mautin 

Dear Shaded Viewers,

 Mr. Blaise Mautin is the nose behind the VISVIM line of fragrances. In a few days I'll post a video interview with him. I'm still in a dream with the lingering scent of the soon to be launched Kyoto perfume. Both the lavender and the Kyoto will be released for Spring. There is a new line of body products, perfumes, room fragrances and of course the candles. Check back for the interview.

Let's just say that both Hiroki and Blaise are very happy with their collaboration.

When you walk by the Kyoto VISVIM shop you can even smell the Kyoto fragrance from the outside. Very enticing and very serene.



Diane Pernet

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