Beniamino Marini and Massimiliano Locatelli’s last night in Paris

Beniamino Marini and Massimiliano Locatelli 

Dear Shaded Viewers,

It was my friends Beniamino and Massimiliano's last night in Paris before going back to Milan. We went to see L'Enfer, my second time, their first. Then we went to Brasserie Balzar for dinner. Nearing the end of the meal a couple seated by the window had a heavy curtain rod fall on their table and break glasses but luckily not their heads. We started envisioning the lights falling down on us and the mirrors crashing to the floor. It might be another few years before we go back there.

Massimiliano and Christine at Brasserie Balzar just before the curtain rod fell down.



Diane Pernet

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