Six Scents : Series Two

Subliminal By Justin Edward John Smith & 3Deep Design (Six Scents: Series Two) from Six Scents Fragrance Initiative on Vimeo.

A video installation is being organized at the Standard Hotel Spa Miami for Art Basel and will be showcasing ‘Subliminal’ a video piece created by the artist Justin Edward John Smith for six Scents: Series Two perfumes. The video piece will be installed in the Hammam and consists of 3 projectors, smoke and a very intense score. It was originally created to capture the emotions behind each Six Scents: Series Two fragrance.

There has been a limited edition box set of fragrances produced exclusively for the Standard which includes an original print by the artist.
December 1 – 6
The Standard Spa Miami Beach (in The Hammam)
40 Island Avenue
Miami Beach, Fl 33139
Art Basel Miami Beach 2009

Diane Pernet

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